AUDIO AID - groove keeps us company


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Song list

1. Jingle
2. Richard's song
3. Found my home in you
4. Christmas songs
5. Out of order
6. Take my breath away
7. Problem boy
8. Ain't got no doubt
9. Party people
10. As you made your bed
11. Backbone
12. My day
13. If you want more
14. Good time
15. Just a little
16. Get up and go
17. Treat confidentially
18. Hypnotized
19. What to find
20. Groove keeps me company
21. You are the man
22. Recall
23. Caribbean song
24. Confess my love
25. To dance with you
26. Nice Try
27. Spend the night
28. Groove stars
29. Stereo conversation


Groove keeps me company
Verse Searching for a place can see ain't nobody who's calling me. Throw my headphones over me can't hear a brick work falling. Ring my bell - for sure don't care rhythm catches me everywhere. It`s got me once again and I just can't ignore it.
I'm standing in the line waiting for the turn of mine no chance to be bored to stand still move my hips to the beat. People all just shake their heads I guess they think like what is that this guy must always have some funky music in his head.
Ain't nothin' can bother me as long as I'm used to be turning to my music if the times are getting harder. That's my philosophy makes me livin` in harmony can only give advice to you to watch out for the groove.
Chorus I always hear a little voice in me that tells me to follow the beat I don't see the day I get rid of it I always have the groove for company

Groove keeps me company
Out or order
Verses 1. When the sunlight hits your eyes
And you wake up and realize that the coffee has run out
Made my way right trough the kitchen door
See the last few drops of coffee runnin' down the kitchen floor
Usually I`m meant to do my tooth care
But what with if there's ain't no coffee there
2. On my way to work I can only see
Posters of happy people drinking Starbucks coffee
I can't believe the slot machine's out of order
Not tenough the smiling girl with the cup in her hand is the bosses daughter
3. To me it seems to be obviously
that on a day without coffee there can be no harmony
Tomorrow must be different I promise to me
Before I fall asleep I realize that I forgot to buy coffee
Chorus I can see no way it's gonna be a long day that we have before us
Without no coffin I would be strugglin' I'm out of order
Christmas songs
Verses 1. Listen to what I got to say
It`s a dilemma of mine
Christmas time is comin` up I`m meant to feel happy
but I just can`t do really feel fine
We play a lot of songs
singin` sweet melodies
but now I got to tell you my disease
2. But not enough the year passed by
followed by the next damn crime
birthday time is comin` up I`m meant to feel happy
instead I`m close to getting out of my mind
We play alot of songs
singin` sweet melodies
but now I got to tell you my disease
Chorus Christmas (Birthday) songs don`t really groove
Christmas (Birthday) songs don`t don`t make me move
Christmas (Birthday) songs don`t really groove
Christmas (Birthday) songs don`t make my body
don`t make my body move
Caribbean song
Verse They say ... "irie" "irie"
Bridge Still got no time to spare
no money for the fare
don`t think I`ll ever see
nothing but the tourist agency
That place I`ll never reach
where huge waves hit the beach
just lying in the sun
dance to this song
Again I find myself on
a carribean isle
that song burnes like the sun
in my mind
Chorus Never been to the Caribbeans
never been to the sea
sound helps us to imagine
what like it must be
Workoholics everywhere
I need some time to spare
heard of a place where they say
"soon come"