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In this gallery you can have a look on a summary of some pictures. These are partly taken on live gigs, others are from the room where we practise. Furthermore you will find some Audio Aid logos and the drawing which is the basis to the logo on the home page. Pdf-files, that can be used for making posters or flyers and also articles from local newspapers are listed here.

You can also download the pictures with "save target as" by clicking on the picture with the right button of your mouse.

pic 1 Nov.18,2003 pic 2 Nov.18,2003 pic 3 Nov.18,2003 pic 4 Nov.18,2003
pic_01 pic_02 pic_03 pic_04
live 1 on Oct.11,2003 live 2 on Oct.11,2003 live 3 on Oct.11,2003 live 4 on Oct.11,2003
pic_05 pic_06 pic_07 pic_08
live 5 on May 1,2004 live 6 on May 1,2004 live 7 on May 1,2004 live 8 on May 1,2004
pic_09 pic_10 pic_11 pic_12
live 9 on May 1,2004 practice room 1 Jul.7,2005 practice room 2 Jul.7,2005 practice room 3 Jul.7,2005
pic_13 pic_14 pic_15 pic_16
drawing by Martin Schwitzke Audio Aid logo by Kosmik Klaus; Link to web site
Muehlacker-Tagblatt Pforzheimer Zeitung
Muehlacker-Tagblatt; jan. 2004 report by Thomas Griesbacher Pforzheimer Zeitung; oct. 2005 on the occasion of the release of new demo-CD
Pforzheimer Zeitung
Pforzheimer Zeitung; Jul. 2006 "live" in Maulbronn