AUDIO AID - groove keeps us company


This site contains the profile of the Funk & Soul band Audio Aid. The information is referring to the formation, the band's name, occupation, our style and the lyrics.

Audio Aid consists of five members. The title shall express something like "aid" to the listener in shape of tone and music. Named like that the group performes in the area of muehlacker in south Germany since 2003. The band's title is meant to make sure what joy music can bring on the one hand to the musicians on the other hand to the audience. The music can help to find a relaxed, joyful an by that helpful minute in the workaday world.

The band Audio Aid found together in may 2001. After several changes in the occupation the final formation took shape at the end of the year 2002.


Jörg Amos Jörg Amos
vocals, blues harp & percussion
Jörg Amos comes from Muehlacker-Duerrmenz and is
born on Oct. 21, 1963. The uncle of the guitar player is together with his nephew
answerable for the lyrics of the songs. He is a craftsman by trade,but also active
as a musician since long time. He already participated as a singer
and blues harp player in the "Friday Night Blues Band".
Bernd Brüstle Bernd Brüstle
hammond organ & e-piano
Bernd Brüstle is native of Vaihingen-Enz (1959) and has
completed the formation. The painter and artist contributes with his classical
instruments a lot to the sound of the band, that is so typical for Soul and Funk. He
also played his organ in several bands before, among them
the "Sepp Fett Quartett" and "Vanadium".
Karl-Heinz Förg Karl-Heinz Förg
bass guitar
Responsible for the powerful thrust is this man.
Karl-Heinz Förg underpins the groove of Audio Aid with his bass guitar.
Coming from Knittlingen he works as an educator for disabled people. So called
"Charly" was born in 1965 and can also look back on a musical career, that
he mostly passed together with our drummer.
Andreas Rall Andeas Rall
Andreas Rall, the funky drummer of the band,also occupied in the
education of disabled people, comes from Zaisersweiher and is born in 1963.
With his often unconventional rhythmns he is dicisively responsible for the funky
sound of the band. We hope that he does never chuck up his drumming
shoes, with which he always attends to play.
Martin Schwitzke Martin Schwitzke
guitar, vocals & alto sax
This member of the band is born on 1980 in Muehlacker
and is an aerospace engineer Beside playing the guitar and singing, musical ideas,
compositions and the lyrics belong to his tasks. The
funk has got him, and he won`t let
him go!
Melanie Schwitzke Melanie Schwitzke
Melanie is the youngest member of the crew and the sister
of the guitarist Martin. She is born in the year 1989 and trains as a beautician.
After several years of practicing on the piano, she has good musical knowledge
beside her skills as a singer. With her powerful Soul voice she
enriches the vocal trio of the band.

Musical style

The music allowes to be attached to Funk or Soul. Efforts to create a various and alternative program show up in the fact, that different elements of Blues, Pop or a caribbean sound flow in the basicly funky alignment. The groove and a rhythmn-stressed orientation are the basis and almost a condition for a song to be played. This fudamental groove is in its way strongly influenced by artists such as James Brown and especially Maceo Parker, who Martin Schwitzke, the songwriter, deeply appreciates.

In comparison to the common understanding of Funk you will also find harmonic and tuneful patterns and passages within the music. The songs are always composed of several parts, which are well arranged in detail. Nevertheless you won't miss improvisations and solos of the harp, organ or guitar at the right places. The rhythmical aligned music aquires a precise way of playing, to which the band always attaches great importance. In the course of time there has develloped a very own style that should make you move your feet.


All lyrics are written in english. The words are those of Jörg Amos and Martin Schwitzke. The music generally originates first. Afterwards the content of the lyrics is adapted to the character of the composition.

A general statement, that fits to all songs does not exist. On the contrary it varies with the impression of the music, that is various as already mentioned. With regards to the contents the songs are not without statement or unimportant, but the fact that Audio Aid enjoys the music also here attaches great importance.

Anyway, some joint features the titles all have. The most important thing is, that each line leads to a positive outcome, no matter if the content is meant to make you thoughful or if it shall just stress the good vibrations obtained by the music. The groove and its meaning to the musicians itself is often subject of the songs. These are thought over well especially with regard to the playing together of content and the atmosphere of a composition. It is seldom dejected. More often it is easy and unburdened, but this shall not mean at all, that you cannot attribute a certain meaning to the words.

You often find descriptions of every-day situations and the striking and returning behaviour of people, which are presented in an ironical, funny, pointed and unexpected way.